Cargo GSA

We will transport your goods to every corner of the world

We focus on connecting the needs of our customers with the capabilities of air freight companies. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry and the trends developing within it, we can react to changes and satisfy the demands of our clients by always offering the most suitable solution. Our sales team is highly results-oriented, utilising the full potential of airlines to find the optimum long- or short-term air transport solution.

For goods of any size, shape or type in any timeframe we offer connections around the world, each individual delivery receives the maximum care throughout the process, from delivery and booking right through to its departure.

  • A range of airline partners
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Long-term market knowledge
  • A personal approach
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Cargon GSA

We create

customized solutions

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We handle over

2400 shipments per year

We save you

time and money

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