Cargo Charter

No cargo is too big or too small

Arranging solutions for high-volume transports or project cargo is nothing new for us. Our team has proven it can satisfy customers transporting anything, from small, urgent deliveries (LHO, etc.) right up to multi-tonne cargo which needs a whole plane reserved.

Your choice of airport for departure and arrival is practically limitless around the world, and the nature of your cargo is up to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s two boxes of cables for production, a live hippopotamus, 15 cars or a plane full of healthcare supplies – we’ll transport everything safely and on time to your desired destination, with no detail overlooked.

  • Your choice of airport for departure and arrival
  • From the smallest urgent deliveries weighing just a few kilogrammes
  • To whole-project cargo in high-capacity aircraft
  • Flexible accessibility
  • A precise end price
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